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        User Experience

        Help improve your healthcare delivery with Centricity.

        Fully integrated EHR system developed to meet the needs of numerous correctional facilities nationwide while adhering to and surpassing NCCHC, ACA, PBNDS, and Meaningful Use requirements for workflow, documentation and reporting.

        • Easy To Use

          Simple and intuitive design provides health information at your fingertips.

        • Tailored To Fit

          Screens, workflows, and specialty applications are fast, flexible, and can be personalized.

        • Enhance Care Quality

          Predictive analytics and embedded decision support tools facilitate informed treatment decisions.

        • Increase Productivity

          Streamline clinical documentation and increase productivity at all levels of care throughout your organization.

        • Help Your Organization Thrive

          Common tasks are streamlined through automation to get the job done quickly.

        Electronic Health Records (EHR)

        One system for all your EHR needs.

        Leader in Correctional EHR and Public Health EHR Solutions for over 15 years.

        Centricity is a fully integrated, one-for-all EHR system inclusive of medical, behavioral health, dental, optometry, electronic medication administration capabilities and numerous other clinical documentation tools.

        Intelligent decision support into your workflow bring critical information right to the point of care, facilitating informed treatment decisions. Data is continuously managed by the system and will alert users of any specific needs or constraints for additional clinical decision support.

        Centricity EHR features automated workflows, pre-built templates, and commands designed for the way your agency works that allow for rapid documentation to streamline repetitive tasks and instantly update patient’s charts. Centricity will improve your agencies clinical effectiveness and efficiency while enabling more informed clinical decision-making.

        Exceptional configurability and customizability enhance your organization’s efficiency. Centricity is based on physician input and has the built-in ability to customize forms and functions to meet your specific workflows and needs.


        Providing you with the tools needed for efficient and effective care delivery.

        • Pharmacy/eMAR

          Prescribe or refill medication orders which are then sent automatically to the pharmacy system for ordering, and to the eMAR for medication passes.

        • Behavioral Health

          Document anything from the smallest of psych evaluations, group therapy sessions, partial hospital extensive group therapy sessions, and inpatient admissions and monitoring.

        • Infirmary

          Get a comprehensive view of the facility’s infirmary layout to see which rooms and/or beds are available, and who is in any given room at any given time. Quickly document notes and acuity levels as needed.

        • Dental

          Rapidly document current status of teeth and planned procedures by selecting certain teeth and documenting any issues as needed.

        • Optometry

          Detailed ophthalmology forms that contain ophthalmic terms to simplify clinician’s documentation.

        • Scheduling

          Transform scheduling into a quick and simple process. The real-time view of daily schedules enables effective time management and a seamless experience, keeping you more informed.

        • Orders Manager

          Helps manage patient care by tracking upcoming and overdue services such as follow up care, sick call, labs, blood glucose tests, specialty services, etc. by order date, priority, or many other key filters.

        • E-Signature

          Modern and sophisticated electronic signature capability captures signatures with ease via tablets and signature pads.

        Reporting & Analytics

        Better manage your patients and organization through advanced reporting and analytics.

        • Ad-Hoc

          Improve care quality through instant access to clinical data. The average user can create a report in seconds to meet a specialized need on the fly.

        • Custom

          Drive outcomes with flexible query tools capable of building complex queries with multiple conditions. Report on any and all data entered into the system.

        • Audit

          Facilitate compliance with your organization’s security and privacy policies. Centricity monitors and logs all user activities, including user and workstation IDs, user actions, date and time, and other information such as report or document names, names of clinical values changed, and the value changes. All of which can be audited and reported on.

        • Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI)

          Visualize your progress toward achieving CQI measures at the provider and patient level. Advanced visual dashboarding calls attention to measures requiring improvement first with the ability to link back into individual EHR records to focus improvement efforts.

        • Population Health

          Prioritize risk groups, align resources to population needs, and measure performance to drive early interventions within priority patient populations.


        Powerful interoperability imports and exports patient health information with external systems in CCD (Continuity of Care Document) or CCR (Continuity of Care Record) format. With Centricity, you can share with any organization that uses standards, no matter which EHR they use.


        A strong platform that will serve you now and take you into the future.

        • Scalable

          Centricity is the information backbone for many of the largest correctional health systems in the United States.

        • Innovative

          Continually evolving applications platform to ensure your users are happy and productive today and always.

        • Fast

          The fastest response times – because a slower system is like having fewer staff.

        • Integrated

          Comprehensive and robust system providing you with everything you need on one platform.